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Drains Limited are drain cleaning and unblocking specialists serving London and the Home Counties including Hertfordshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, or further afield if required.

As drainage specialists we provide direct drain services to clean and clear your blocked drains. Whether it is a simple blockage or a deeper routed drainage problem, our fully trained drain engineers have the expertise and experience to deal with all kinds of blocked drainage problems. They will arrive on site prepared with a fully equipped van ready to clear your blocked drains.

If you have blocked drains it usually means that they need to be cleaned to ensure that the pipe work and sewers are able to do their job properly and carry surface water and waste water away. If there is something more complex causing the blockage in your drainage system we have the expertise and equipment to investigate and deal with the problem.

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If you have a blocked drain or are experiencing a problems with your drainage system, please contact us. We will arrange for one of our drain engineers and fully equipped service vehicles to come out to your premises promptly to clean and clear your blocked drains and pipes.

We offer a 24 hour emergency call-out service if required.

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    What causes blocked drains?

    Everyday substances that pass through our drains and pipes including fat, grease from food and cooking, as well as many other substances and objects that really shouldn’t be entering the drainage system. This can cause a build-up of deposits in drains and pipework that eventually causes blocked drains. Invariably this is accompanied by scale content (an accumulation of acids within human waste and lime from water), as well as other dirt and debris including concrete, silt, mud, stones and in some cases tree and shrub roots that have managed to grow through a gap or breach in the pipework.

    All of these factors can combine to cause a blocked drain or blockages in the pipework or your drainage system. A continuous or regular build-up of any of these substances, or a breach by roots into your drainage system can lead to recurring blockages. If left unchecked this can also lead to overflowing drains and in some cases damage that will require drain repairs or for pipework to be either lined or replaced.

    Finding the blockage

    When our drain engineer arrives on site their first task will be to investigate the cause of the problem. If it is a more deep routed problem and the cause of blockage is not immediately apparent we are able to perform a CCTV drains survey to investigate further and ascertain what it is. Our CCTV equipment is designed to gather video footage and measure the distance to the precise location. This enables our drain engineer to work more efficiently to resolve the problem.

    Unblocking & Cleaning Drains

    For internal above ground soil pipes our drain engineers use a combination of electro-mechanical equipment and high pressure water jetting techniques to unblock the drain and clear the obstruction. We will then clean the drain and ensure that the pipe work is left in a clean and free flowing condition.

    High Pressure Jetting

    Drains Ltd vehicles carry specialised high pressure water jetting equipment on board to clean drains. In most cases high pressure jetting is enough to clear a minor blockage and flush the drains clean. If there has been an overflow we can also use this along with aqua-vacs to clean and disinfect the surrounding area if required.

    To use high pressure water jetting equipment to unblock and clean drains we pass a hose through the drains and sewers with a high pressure nozzle attached to  the front. Once we have located the blockage, the high pressure water jet is used to breakdown the build-up of material causing the blockage, flush clear the drain and give it a clean.

    Electro-Mechanical Equipment

    We use specialised electro-mechanical drain cleaning equipment to clear blockages where high pressure water jetting is not feasible. This may be due to accessing the location or the type of obstruction causing the blockage.

    Electro-mechanical equipment can be used on pipe sizes from 32mm/40mm up to 150mm soil vent pipes. This technique uses a flexible steel cable with interchangeable cutting blades that rotate, cutting away a blockage caused by the build-up of debris or scale. This usually includes clearing water scale content that has built-up in the drain and pipework that cannot be reached and flushed away by high pressure water jetting alone. Once dislodged, we can then use the water jet to flush out the debris and clean the drainage system.

    Drain Descaling

    A blocked drain is often caused by the build-up of scale content and corrosion, just as all pipe work does over time. This type of blockage is a typical of drains in hard water areas where over a long period of time scale can accumulate and cause blocked drains and pipes. If this happens we need to be descale the drains to clear the blockage and stop it reoccurring for a period of time.

    When descaling underground cast iron drainage, our drain engineers use specialised use high pressure water jetting equipment with chain flail attachments. The chains spin very fast and removes all of the scale content or corrosion that has built-up inside the drain, returning the drain to a serviceable condition. Chainflailing can only be carried-out on cast iron pipework both above and below ground, though this is dependent on access and the condition of the pipework.

    Root Removal

    Another common cause of blockages and damage to drains are roots from trees and shrubs which can find their way into the drainage system through open joints and structural damage in pipework in their search for a water supply. Over time this will cause severe blockages along with further structural damage.

    We offer a specialist root removal service to deal with the problem of root intrusion in drains and pipework. This includes high pressure water jetting or electro-mechanical methods with specialist blade attachments. Please see our Root Removal Services page for more information on how we can help you.

    Liquid & Specialist Waste Removal

    Drains Limited also offer liquid and specialist waste cleaning and specialised removal services including waste management and disposal for commercial and domestic clients, helping them to deal with a build-up of waste in their drainage system, tanks or chambers. We can arrange to safely dispose of any contaminated waste in accordance with Environmental Agency Regulations, including dealing with all duty of care paperwork.

    Find out more about out liquid waste removal service.


    Most buildings insurance policies cover drainage damage. We do always recommend that you should check your insurance policy and consult your insurance company first to clarify this. With over 25 years in the business we are happy to liaise with your insurers and/or Loss Adjusters on your behalf to explain the nature of the problem, any technicalities and assist with any requirements they may have.

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