CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV drain surveys are commonly used to diagnose faults in a drainage system. This may include blocked drains caused by deposits or roots in the system, or structural damage such as broken pipework.

If you have a fault with your drainage system that cannot easily be seen because it is hidden below the surface, or you are experiencing recurring problems with your drains, pipework or sewers, a CCTV drain inspection is usually the quickest way to locate and identify the problem.

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What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

Our CCTV drain surveys use specialist camera equipment to enter your drainage system. The survey equipment records video footage and data as it passes through pipework, drains and sewers. When the camera arrives at the fault in the drainage system our drain engineer is able to view and identify the cause of the blockage and assess the structural condition of drain.

The CCTV inspection of your drainage allows our drain engineers to quickly identify cracked, fractured, broken and collapsed drains as well blockages caused by a build-up of scale or deposits, or obstructions caused by tree or shrub roots in the drainage system.

What happens after a CCTV Drain Survey?

Once we have carried out the CCTV survey, our drain engineer will asses the footage and data provided. Depending on what is found, the engineer will advise you as to the best solution for the problem. Details of the problem will be included in your drain survey report which includes video footage.

As skilled drain experts with specialised equipment on-board, our drain engineers are able to begin cleaning, unblocking, completing drain repairs or taking preventative measures to stop the problem reoccurring.

CCTV Sewer and Drain Inspection with Wincam Web

CCTV Drain Reports

Using the the latest in sewer inspection systems and software, your CCTV drain survey results can be delivered with unprecedented speed and quality via the WinCan Web Browser. WinCan is the industry’s most preferred sewer inspection software and allows our expert drain engineers to swiftly capture and review the CCTV drain inspection footage. The CCTV equipment also measures the distance travelled to give an accurate location of the blockage or damaged pipework. Within the WinCan browser the footage can be assessed, annotated and the footage and documentation detailing the location of the problem(s) shared to provide instant access to authorised parties. The data and footage is accessed using a device with the WinCan App installed or a via a Web Browser.

What does a CCTV Drain Survey Report include?

Having visited the site and completed a CCTV drain survey, our OS19X trained drain engineers will inspect the video footage and compile a comprehensive drain survey report classifying pipe sewer conditions to the WRc Manual of Sewer Condition Classification MSCC 5th Edition.

The drain survey report will also contain a summary of our recommendations, offering remedial repair solutions and specifying cleaning requirements for any structural defects or blockages that we find. Our CCTV survey equipment can inspect all domestic and industrial pipe work, ranging from 75mm to 1 metre in diameter, both above and below ground, providing we have appropriate access to the drain system for the equipment to be deployed.

  • Video Footage

  • Diagrammatic Drawing

  • Inspection Chamber Report

  • Photos

  • PDF Report

Pre-Purchase Drain Surveys

Drains Limited are also able to carry out pre-purchase drainage surveys. These drain inspections offer peace of mind to new and existing home owners ensuring that the “out of sight and out of mind” drainage system is free from blockages and in a good structural condition. Particularly as a prospective home-buyer it is reassuring to know that the drainage is unlikely to pose any problems in the near future. This kind of drain inspection and report are sometimes part of recommendations made by homebuyers’ surveys.

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